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The door closer can be said to be a small product that is not eye-catching, but it plays a big role. Many people don't know about the door closer, so let's walk into the world of door closers and get to know this "small body, big role" friend.
Who invented the modern door closer?
The door closer we are talking about now is the modern hydraulic door closer (referred to as the door closer), which was originally patented by the Americans in the early twentieth century. It is different from the traditional door closer and is passed through the door closer. The liquid is throttled to achieve a buffering effect.
Door closer selection considerations
Door width and weight
The width of the door and the weight of the door are the most important factors in selecting the type of door closer. Common doors include fire doors, wooden doors, aluminum doors, glass doors, steel doors, and the like. Usually the width of the door is narrow and the weight is small, so the model with less power is selected, and vice versa.
Opening frequency
The door closer is better sealed and does not leak oil. The key is the technology and material of the seal; the life of the door closer is long, so as to ensure long-term and normal use after installation, reducing the workload and cost of maintenance and renewal. Can also feel the convenience brought by the door closer products.
Main function of the door closer
Automatic stop
Damping buffer
Damping buffer is generated after quick opening to a certain position, and the damping buffer force and range can be adjusted according to the use requirements; this function is used to prevent the door or lock from colliding with the wall when the door is opened quickly, or to prevent people from opening the door when emergency escape Lose weight and lean forward to the ground.
Delayed slow closing
The door is slowly closed at a constant speed from the maximum position at which the door is opened, and can be adjusted steplessly as required. It is suitable for use in places with frequent and frequent access, especially in hospitals, where there are doors and passages for the elderly, children and disabled.
Closed door power adjustable
It can be installed on different doors with a wide range of door weights and door widths, as well as places with high door closing resistance due to environmental reasons. Arbitrary stepless adjustment can achieve satisfactory closing force, especially in coastal cities, vehicles and ships, etc., which are affected by wind and close the door resistance.

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