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Home building hardware accessories, knowledge classroom, 18 kinds of hardware necessary for the door and window (Part 2)


9. Door mirror
The common name of the door mirror is called cat's eye. Its function is to look out from the room through the door mirror. It can see all the scenes within the range of 120 degrees outside the door, but you can't see any indoors through the door mirror. thing.
10. Beads (copper, aluminum, pvc)
The material of the bead is matched with the main material of the window, such as steel, aluminum alloy and steel. The bead is mainly to control the size of the gap of the glass trough to block the glass so that the glass does not fall off.
11. Handle
The handle is mounted on the door leaf of the building to pull the door leaf. The handle has various shapes such as a round handle, a square handle, a round handle, and a double row of handles. It is generally made of copper, aluminum, stainless steel, ceramics, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and plexiglass.
12. Latch
A so-called latch is a set of pins used to secure a workpiece to a fixture or mold to latch the door and window when the door and window are closed. A simple component for preventing opening is an anti-theft component that prevents doors and windows from being opened from the outside.
13. Building door lock
Building door locks can be divided into large door locks, room door locks, bathroom door locks, windproof access door locks and toilet door locks according to the use occasions; according to the insurance performance can be divided into single insurance, double insurance and three insurance door locks.
1 Exterior door lock: The lock body covers the surface of the door leaf. The main products are single tongue single safety door lock, single tongue double safety door lock, single tongue three safety door lock, double tongue three safety door lock, double tongue double lock three safety door lock, multi-tongue double lock three safety door lock Wait.
2 mortise door lock: The lock body is embedded in the door leaf from the side of the door leaf. There are two kinds of blade structure and marble structure. The main products include sliding door mortise lock, single tongue mortise lock, single oblique tongue mortise lock, single oblique tongue button mortise lock, double tongue mortise lock, double tongue mortise lock, Blade handles, etc.
14. Handle
Used to open and close metal sashes. Generally installed in the middle of the edge of the window sash, and some are also designed to connect the bolt to the door and window hardware.
15. Sliding support
Used to position the open metal sash. Generally installed on the lower edge of the sash, and some are also designed to be used with the hinge. It is made of brass, low carbon steel, zinc alloy, stainless steel and other materials, and the surface is plated with nickel, chromium or zinc. The varieties include eye support, arm support, rocking support, and mobile support.
16. Window hook
Installed on a wooden window to secure the opening sash. It is usually made of low carbon steel wire and is galvanized on the surface.
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17. Anti-theft chain
Also known as the safety chain. It consists of two chain plates and one connecting chain. The chain plates are respectively mounted on the door leaf and the door frame. The anti-theft chain can limit the door leaf to a small opening angle (generally no more than 8°), effectively preventing outsiders from entering.
18. Induction door opening device
Electronic device for automatic opening of the door leaf. The main components are microwave-sensing or light-controlled inductive contacts. It can automatically input the sensing signal of the human body or object, so that the door leaf can be automatically turned on or off.
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