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Stainless steel kitchen pendant, simple design makes home life easier


In the kitchen decoration, the kitchen hardware pendant has the finishing touch, not only DIY decoration kitchen, but also fun for your kitchen life, decorated in different styles of kitchen, suitable kitchen accessories are not the same.
Compartment pole and compartment plate
A small helper placed in a drawer, which can hold the things to be placed, and has a very detailed function, which is divided into a knife and fork component grid, a tableware compartment plate, and a tool compartment tray for convenient storage. No longer afraid to find what you need.
Movable shelf
This object is usually used in a slightly larger kitchen, and the ground is flat and not obstructed by the steps, etc., it is convenient to take some small things, there are also wood and plastic, can be moved to the hidden platform, the price varies according to the data and size, from dozens Yuan to hundreds of yuan.
For kitchens, stainless steel products, have anti-rust effect, more suitable for kitchen use .
Cabinet storage
According to the size and space of the kitchen, you can customize the multi-storey cabinet storage table. Each layer can be used to find the home in the kitchen, and the neat placement can also make a special decoration.
Various types of hooks
There are self-propelled and integral hooks, which can be installed on the wall as needed, and can be placed with different cutlery, chopsticks, mugs, and even small pans. Mary stainless steel kitchen pendant, simple design, makes home life easier.

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